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Bone Grafting

Bone grafting has now become routine in dental implant therapy and the costs have reduced considerably. Only the most extreme cases need to be treated in hospital.

Although autogenous bone (from the patient) remains the ‘gold standard’, we are getting good results using allograft (from another person), xenograft (Bovine origin) and synthetic (man made) materials.

Common areas where patients lack bone height is at the back of the mouth in the upper jaw.

Here we can place bone into your sinus to increase the bone height.


Patients who have had infections on their front teeth or lower back teeth often require particulate grafts (small to large) or block bone grafts (where there is extreme bone loss).

The sooner you replace a missing tooth the less likely you will require a bone graft!

Bone grafts are not carried out on smokers as most grafts will fail due to healing complications!