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Dental Implant Designs

Implants can be divided into 2 main types, external hex implants and internal hex implants.

The external hex implants are the original Brånemark (Founder of the modern day implant) designed implants. They are the most widely placed implants in the World.

However, the trend is to use internal hex implants as they tend to exhibit less bone loss and less screw loosening issues!

We tend to find that in the first 1 year of implant function the bone around the external hex implants reduces to the first thread (approx. 1.5mm which is 15% on a 10mm long implant) and then remains stable if the oral health is in good condition.
In contrast bone loss around internal hex implants is negligible and at times bone growth over top of the implant can be seen.

You can also note that the thread designs are different and at Surrey Heath Dental Implant Centre we choose the best implant for your particular situation (rather than the one design fits all!).

1. External Hex Implants


2. Internal Hex Implants