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Implant Supported Over-Dentures




Interesting Facts

Complete denture wearers are usually able to wear an upper denture without problems, but many struggle to eat with complete lower dentures because it is too mobile.

Did you know that the WHO classifies the edentulous patient as being orally handicapped?

“Current evidence suggests that the restoration of the edentulous mandible with a conventional denture is no longer the 1st choice treatment”.
There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that a 2-implant overdenture is the minimum standard of care for the edentulous mandible.

McGill Consensus 2002, Montreal


  • Patients are significantly more satisfied with a 2-4 implant/overdenture than with new conventional dentures (min. of 4 implants for upper jaw)
  • Positive impact on general health – improved nutrition due to improved chewing ability
  • Maintains bone in anterior mandible
  • Incidence of surgical complications is low
  • Average time from start to finish is 3 months
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improves patients quality of life and self esteem
  • Requires minor surgical procedure