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Single and Multiple Tooth Replacement

Single and Multiple Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants


Interesting Facts
  • Most patients do not realise that they can lose up to 80% of their jawbone volume within a year of having a tooth extracted!
  • Hence it is important to replace the teeth within 3 months
  • Loss of the back chewing teeth can lead to premature ageing and an increase in wrinkles. Hence dental implant procedures are sometimes called ‘internal face lifts’
  • An implant can cost you one Starbucks coffee a day!
  • Implants are the most comfortable and cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth
  • Implants can function and look natural just like your real teeth
  • It is possible to construct bridges on dental implants: a cost effective way of replacing many missing teeth


  • Positive impact on general health – improved nutrition due to improved chewing ability
  • Maintains bone and hence the integrity of the face
  • Implants can be placed at the same time as a tooth is extracted
  • Average time from start to finish is 3-6 months although certain cases can have a tooth the same time an implant is placed
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improves patients quality of life and self esteem
  • Cost-effective
  • Do not decay!
  • Does not negatively impact on adjacent teeth
  • Requires minor surgical procedure