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Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day - Single Tooth, Multiple Teeth and Full Mouth Teeth

Teeth in a Day is the new way to replace your teeth in 1 swift appointment.

The whole jaw can be restored using a minimum of 4 implants (Nobelbiocare ‘All on 4’ concept) but preferably 6-8 implants.
It can also be used to restore single and multiple teeth.

Typically implants usually take 3-6 months to restore, but using the latest design in dental implants it can now be done within hours!

Dr Zafar has more than 15 years of experience in Dental Implantology and these advanced treatments are best performed by someone with the necessary experience.

Note that this technique is not suitable for everyone so a comprehensive examination is essential for such treatment.

Patient with missing lateral incisors


Patients with temporary teeth which were fitted on day of surgery (photo was taken at 6 weeks after implant/temporary crown placement)


Final porcelain teeth fitted (photo taken after 2 years)